Error when installing JV-LinkDirectory Suite

Error when installing JV-LinkDirectory Suite

I did run into JV-LinkDirectory and it seems that's exactly what I need - great work!

However, when I try to install it the second step (After "Start Install / Upgrade") fails with the following error: "Error while running installation to version 5.16.2 >> Invalid default value for 'create_on'.

Seems like a SQL table definition problem or something similar. The configuration table is not created, it doesn't exist at all.

The extension itself is visible in the Joomla menu, however unusuable as no config changes can be made.

When uninstalling the extension it crashes the whole system as Joomla still tries to access JV-LinkDirectory files which are no longer present.

Tried the installation on my (fully configured) prelive site and as well on a completely new and blank Joomla installation with no addons.

PHP version is 7.4.24, database is MariaDB 5.5.68

Thank you for any help!