Configuration - General Settings

Configuration - General Settings

Following are the general configuration settings that you can tweak in JV-ContentLinks Component. They are defined in Joomla JV-CL backend - Configuration screen. See image below:

Max keyword phrase length:
A keyword phrase can be one or more words which can be advertised on. This option lets you limit the maximum number of characters of a keyword phrase. The limit includes blank spaces as well

Show Link Icon?
You may wish to display a small icon near the keyword which is linked by JV-ContentLinks in articles using this option

Open Link in New Window?
Destination link on a keyword can be opened in existing window or new window. This is a global setting for all keyword to link replacements done by JV-ContentLinks. This option can be overridden by individual option for each link as well.

Show "Powered By":
If yes, then "Powered by JV-ContentLinks" will be displayed in the JV-CL interfaces in site front-end.

Components for partial support
This is the partial support that JV-ContentLinks provides for many 3rd party components. You may try adding any component name (starting with com_ in this field as comma separated list of component codes. 

Please note that, the other components must allow Joomla plugins to be invoked in its code, for this option to work. If you are not sure about this, then please consult the developer of that component, to check if plugins can be invoked in their code

Blacklisted keyword phrases:
Words listed here cannot be advertised or linked on. You may include common words or phrases like in, on, and or any word which you do not want to have links on. Please provide one keyword phrase per line. These are case insensitive

End of Word Indicators:
JV-CL will search for keywords and will replace it with links underneath it. At times, during the search and replace process, it can search and replace parts of a string. This is because, each language has different end of word indicators. Based on the language of your site, you can add your language's end of word indicators. For example, in english language, blank space ( ) and full stop (.) are end of word indicators. Some times, you may even want to include dash (-) as end of word indicator!

Edit this field, only if you know what you are doing. If you give a wrong value here, JV-CL may not work properly. There is no need to explicitly provide blank space as an indicator in the field

Replacement Exceptions:
This option helps you in instructing JV-CL to NOT link keywords, when they appear between certain HTML tags in content. You can use this field to define exceptions for search and replace. Please provide a comma separated list of html tags. (Example - h1,h2,h3,u,b,strong).

Each tag in this list, defines an exception. For example, if you do not want to create a link for keywords that appear between h1 tags, then add h1 to the exceptions list.

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