How to get automatic links in Kunena

How to get automatic links in Kunena


JV-ContentLinks is working fine for my Joomla articles (com_content) but I would like to use it for Kunena forum as well. In other words I want to add links to keywords in Kunena too.


Kunena is not natively supported by JV-ContentLinks. But we can still get links on keywords added via JV-ContentLinks backend with partial support. As it is not natively support, keyword advertising will not be possible. Only site-wide keyword links will appear.


  1. Login to Joomla admin and go Extensions - Plugins section.
  2. Search for "System - Kunena Forum" and edit it.
  3. Set 'Joomla Content Plugin Support' to 'Yes'
  4. In the 'Run Plugins on' field, select the types of content in Kunena where you want links to appear. If you want JV-ContentLinks to act only on kunena post content, then select messages. You may make one or more selections as you desire.

  5. Enable the plugin
  6. Save the configuration.
  7. Go to JV-ContentLinks Component configuration in back-end and click on 'General' tab
  8. Add "com_kunena" (without quotes) to "Components for partial support" field.
  9. Save the configuration.