Keyword Advertising Configuration

Keyword Advertising Configuration

Following are the general configuration settings that you can tweak in JV-ContentLinks Component. They are defined in Joomla JV-CL backend - Configuration screen. See image below:

Advertising Options:


Enable Advertising?
Enable this option, if you want to perform keyword advertising in Joomla frontend. If this option is enabled, website visitors and users will be able to pay and add their links to keywords in the articles.

Max Keyword Length:
This is the maximum allowed length of a keyword that an advertiser can provide. Used only in front-end for advertising

Menu Link Text:
You may choose to use phrases like "Advertise in this article" (or) "Advertise" (or) "Advertise in this Blog" (or) "Place your ad in this article" (or) "Add your Link in this article" or anything customized.

Menu Link Position:
You can decide to have the menu link after the article at the bottom, or before the article at the top

Keyword Instance #:
This will restrict the number of replacements in site-wide and article-wide scopes. For article-wide advertising you may decide the number of instances of the keyword to be replaced with the link in the article. To replace all occurrences, please set a value of 0. JV-CL will indicate this number to the site visitor.

Enable Captcha:
Yes, implies that a simple Captcha like security will be added to front-end for the advertising forms. A mathematical operation will be given and the user will be asked to key in the result of the operation in the space provided. This is to prevent SPAM bots from automatically submitting the form.

Terms and Conditions:
This text will be shown to users before they purchase the advertising slot. They must agree to this agreement before proceeding to purchase. You may customize the text based on your needs.

Introductory Text:
This text will be shown to the user just above the advertising form, in frontend. You may use this to add information about your website, benefits of keyword advertising, more about your advertising options etc...

Payment and Pricing:

Currency for Transaction:
All fees in the configuration settings given below must be in this currency.

PayPal Environment:
Sandbox/Test environment means that the transaction at PayPal will be done at the sandbox. This means that no money transaction will take place. You can use this to test if the online payment system and post transaction processing works for you. Once you go live or to production, please change this to PRODUCTION. Production means real money transactions.

PayPal email address:
You must provide a value. If you have chosen PayPal Test environment, then you must give your PayPal merchant email address of your sandbox account. If it is production environment, give your real PayPal address which will accept money.

Add Fee Plan:
You may add one more fee plans for advertising. In each of the plans, you can decide the scope, duration for which the link will appear on the keyword, decide if the payment is automatic (recurring), and the fee. You may use the 'Add Fee Plan' button to add as many plans as you need. All these plans will be shown in site frontend when someone tries to purchase a link on keyword. 

Recurring means that an automatic subscription will be created at PayPal

Revenue Sharing

Enable Revenue Sharing?
If yes, then the money that you make from article advertising will be shared with the author of the article. This is a great way to motivate authors to write keyword rich articles for your website.

% Revenue for Article Owner
This is the percentage commission of the revenue for each keyword link sale and is credited to article owner/author. For example, a value of 40 would mean that 40% of the revenue of a keyword sale will go to article owner and remaining 60% will go to site owner.

Notify Article Owner?
Decide to notify the article owner whenever a keyword sale happens.

Min Amt to Pay Article Owner
Minimum amount required to pay an article owner. The share of revenue generated by an article owners is added to their account balance. As the site owner, you decide when to pay the article owners, but a minimum amount is required in users account before they can be paid. Please mention the minimum amount here. Once this is reached, JV-CL will alert you to pay the article owner in JV-ContentLinks Dashboard.

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